Divine Connections of the Romantic Kind

Some times it is good to remind ourselves that life is a journey. When you are on the journey it makes sense to go at a pace that will allow you to enjoy the full experience. In thinking about relationships the one that seems to draw the most attention are those of the romantic nature. In the following Blog I share a little from my own experience on this subject.

Online social networks, church single groups, various support groups and making yourself more approachable are all great resources for the single Believer but outside of the Lord’s leading and guidance they will only lead to disappointment, wrong relationships and more loneliness. The harsh truth is that so many people, both in and outside, the church lead very lonely lives. This can be especially painful in the area of man/women relationships for the single Christian.

Sometimes it seems we forget that Jesus can and many times does work in our lives to bring just the right people into our lives at just the right time…if we will trust Him to do so. (Isa.30: 18… “For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for Him.”)

Divine Relationships are like choosing the right foods for our bodies. If we eat the right foods we edify our bodies toward health and vibrancy. Relationships that Jesus puts us into are “good food” for our soul and spirit.

I am not saying that we should not do our part to make connections happen in our daily lives but just keep in mind that He is the author of all that is good in our lives, including connections, and really desires to bring about abundant blessings and opportunities in each life that loves Him IF we will partner with Him, not lean on our own understanding of how to get people into our lives and then be willing to wait on His timing. I have seen this happen in my life numerous times. (Prov. 3:5-7)

Over the years Jesus has brought many people into my life. Besides my family members, He has brought: Spiritual sons and daughters, key business connections, wonderful ministry connections and wonderful friendships. He has also allowed some guys into my life. I really believe that Jesus cares about the kind of people I spend my time with. He has a vested interest in all my life and whom I date and eventually marry is of major interest! This is true for all Believers as who we hold close affects so much of our lives both now and in the days ahead. As the days grow darker, it makes sense to be standing with someone who sees marriage as the divine partnership it is and be dedicated to working as a team with Jesus leading the way. With that thought in mind I am actively partnered with Jesus to find the right man for me.

Over the years, I have met and gone on some really fun dates with some really nice guys. Some I have met on line. Each guy brought a different perspective to my life while I was dating him. This was most helpful to me as I was able to nail down what I really wanted in a relationship with the man I will marry. In each case I was able to share my faith with him and see how his heart responded to the truth of Jesus. I gained much insight on this also. It confirmed that I would really need to have a man of strong faith to share my faith with. Not just faith that there was a God but faith that God has a son, His name is Jesus and He actively moves in His peoples lives today. Anything less than that would be a mismatch for both of us. He would not understand the life I live nor why I think like I do. This would be frustrating to both of us.

Putting those that love Him in places that are a blessing, while at the same time giving Him glory, is our Lord’s specialty! Relationships are places.   He is just waiting for us to acknowledge Him, partner with Him in prayer, and watch Him open up places for us that we could never have worked out, including in the area of our relationships with others. (John 14:1-3) Especially in ‘dating/ choosing life partner ‘ type of relationships.

Good things really do come to those who will wait, trust, pray and believe on the One who always brings more than we can imagine or think. Including Relationships.

You are not responsible for figuring out how to pull off God’s vision for your life. You are responsible to do what you know to do, what you can do. And then you must wait.”

From the book, ‘Visioneering’ by Andy Stanley.


Coach Venetia

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