Divine Perspective: Choosing to See Through the Lens of Heaven Part

“For with You is the fountain of life; In Your life we see light.” – Psalms 36:9

In making the daily choice to follow Christ, I open myself to all the benefits of heaven, which includes the thoughts of Heaven. The directives of Heaven are now open and clear to me. I have found that when I allow fears and anxieties to distract me I am then the ability to make correct choices becomes cloudy. I am more likely to making wrong choices. When I allow this to take place is when it becomes the most difficult to discern hearing Jesus voice from other voices. This can be dangerous in the life of the Believer as we are only as good as our ability to hear and follow Christ. All of us are constantly bombarded with opportunities to walk in worry and anxiety. Other voices are always there, always urgent and always distracting. Whether it is the latest world news, a negative medical report, daily work stress, the latest family issue brewing at home or more serious circumstances, we all have to choose to walk in the peace and directives of Heaven. This requires the will to fight. (Matt.11: 12) We fight for peace. Not with guns, knives, stones are worldly weapons with through allowing the Prince of Peace to take precedence in our hearts, minds and emotions.   He continually walks in the light and peace that we all desperately need to keep afloat in a world that contains neither. He gives us eyes to see the way, provides the light to see clearly and the opens the way to the fountain of life in any circumstance.

Empowering You for Life!

Coach Venetia


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