Divine Perspective: Choosing to See Through the Lens of Heaven

“For with You is the fountain of life; In Your life we see light.” – Psalms 36:9

Each day brings a new choice. New decisions to make. It doesn’t matter what choices were made yesterday or the day before. Each day brings new choices and new opportunities to walk confident in the light or stumble around in the darkness.  No one can walk in the light and the darkness at the same time. A choice must be made each day. Our seemingly random choices are actually carving out a road for us. This road will determine our final destination. Even if there has been wrong choices and wrong perspectives for weeks, months or years each new day is a fresh opportunity to make things right. To begin down the road of truth with Jesus leading the way. Each new day is an opportunity to turn away from the wrong way and choose a right path that leads to living with a right perspective. Even though there may be consequences to deal with from previous wrong choices, choosing righteousness and truth will give the strength needed to deal with repercussions of past wrong choices. Turning the ship of our lives over to the Grand Captain of all of life, who is Christ Jesus, will change our lives from shipwreck to the glorious vessel of strength, purpose and light.

“May the perspective of Heaven be yours in abundance as Jesus opens your eyes to see all He has for you each day.” Amen.

Coach Venetia


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