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Divine Connections

Relationships are vital to the human existence.We were all created to have hearts engaged by our Creator as well as with other people.From the very beginning of our lives we are placed in a close relationship with others through our family and the care of our parents.

This is not accident but part of Father God’s divine plan. He is the creator of the heart and the designer of relationships that will bring wholeness, true connection and provide the greatest blessing.

As we continue to be bombarded with the many voices that are attempting to define relationships outside of the truths and the word of God clarity is needed as to why we are driven to connect with others.This book is my attempt to bring such clarity to this subject as well as address other key relationships issues such as:

  • What relationships work best for us to grow in Christ Jesus?
  • What could God have been thinking when He created us to be relational beings?
  • Why strong connections with God as well as others is key to our emotional health.
  • What is a Divine Connection? What do they teach us?
  • How can we become and remain “relationship ready” people?

This book and study guide will address these and other vital subjects concerning the divine connections God desires to place each one of His people into.Just as in the days of Adam and Eve, He can and will place us with those we can create community with as we step out in faith allowing Him to lead and guide us.

This study will address some useful tools that will help us build community with those around us. Outside our family units, all relationships start as friendships. This book is also a study guide that contains questions at the end of each chapter for deeper individual or group study.

This relationship tool can be use by anyone desiring to sharpen their relationship tool with fresh revelation from God’s word or those desiring new tools in order to begin the process of forming relationships that are built in joy, life giving in nature and motivated by love.