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Life Outside the Matrix

What’s on the other side of stepping out in faith?
A supernatural lifestyle.

The world is shaking. Anyone can see it. Governments are collapsing. Economies are failing. Nations are in turmoil. People are realizing that things that appeared so stable and promising are subject to fall. The solution? Stepping out in faith and experiencing the miraculous as your new normal.

God wants you to live a supernatural lifestyle! Venetia Carpenter learned this first hand, as she shares inspired insights and compelling testimony from personal experiences that show you a lifestyle of faith is not only possible, but should be normal.

Prepare to learn:

  • Why a lifestyle of faith is essential for everyone living in these critical times
  • How to trust God’s supernatural provision to meet your needs
  • Keys to accessing different levels of faith to release the miraculous

As a follower of Jesus Christ, get ready to experience the miraculous life you were meant to live!