The Benefits of Life Coaching for Ministry Leaders

Coaching is based on a relationship of serving and assisting. The Coach (Life Coach) comes alongside of the one who needs assistance (Client) in order to help the client to reach either short range or long range goals. At Empowering Life Coaching this can also include a vital element of assisting through the power and guidance of Jesus Christ. Coach Venetia not only assists and serves to help the client reach vital goals but she also offers the powerful resource of prayer both with the client and in all business sessions. Of course, having prayer during the sessions is completely optional. As a busy Business Leader many times we find ourselves in a place of constantly giving out of our emotional, spiritual and even physical resources but having few resources offered to us to be able to find restoration for these vital resources.

Here are some other ways that Empowering Life Coaching assists Christian Leaders:

  • Providing a resource of steady encouragement at each coaching session.
  • Offering positive and fresh insights to help provide clarity as to how to reach specific goal at each session.
  • Expertise from Coach Venetia’s, over 25 years’ experience as a business professional in the field of Customer Service, business etiquette, communications and executive administration. She has been the driving force in the creation of two successful call centers for several International nonprofit organizations, has written and published 4 books and is also Founder/President of VVC Communications. VVC Communications is a Customer Service and Administrative resource for small businesses.
  • Providing Business Leaders with a helpful place of consistent accountability, focus and support when encountering major life transaction events such as but not limited to: Divorce, Creating a new life after children has left home, retirement, serious illness (either with yourself or with a close family member) Care giver to elderly parents, etc.
  • Access to various Life Assessments. These include: DISC Profile & Personality, career satisfaction assessment, as well as other assessments that assist in determining and identifying any present deterrents in reaching financial, relationship or personal health goals.

As leaders, we all know the benefit of staying focused and aligning ourselves with those who will push us toward the goal of success and excellence. Empowering Life Coaching provides these necessary elements for each of our clients.

At Empowering Life Coaching, we understand leaders and seek to provide individualized coaching for each leader’s situation while also serving to assist each leader to reach and maintain a life of divine balance.

Contact us to find out how we can serve you in finding your place of empowering, success and balance!