The Benefits of Life Coaching

Coaching is based on a relationship of serving and assisting. The Coach (Life Coach) comes alongside of the one who needs assistance (Client) in order to help the client to reach either short range or long-range goals. Coach Venetia does provides all assistance through guidelines found in the bible as well as her many years as a business professional. As a Certified Life Coach as well as a successful business leader I not only assist and serve each one of my clients to resolve personal or business relationship issues but also provide life transition keys to move forward as well as achieving professional or business goals. Due to my own experience in gaining success and overcoming life’s challenges, I also offer the powerful resource of prayer in each coaching session. Of course the option of prayer is at the clients discretion. In our busy world we may find ourselves in a place of constantly helping, assisting and serving others while our own emotional, mental and even spiritual resources are being depleted with little to no resources being offered to replace them.

Empowering Life Coaching can help! Here are some ways how:

  • Providing a resource of steady encouragement & strategic insight at each coaching session.
  • Offering perspective to help provide clarity as to how to reach the goals.
  • Fresh insights from Coach Venetia, that she provides from her over 20 years’ experience as a solid leader both in the secular marketplace as well as traditional Christian ministry.
  • Providing a joyful & helpful place of accountability to see real results in reaching specific goals.
  • Providing assessments and other tools as valuable resources. (Available with select Coaching Packages)

At Empowering Life Coaching, we understand ministry leaders, business professionals, as well as the single mom. We provide specialized coaching for each individual situation while also serving to assist each client to reach as well as maintain a life of joyful balance.

Contact us to find out how we can serve you in finding your place of balance.